Bowflex Max Trainer For Beginners – The Complete Guide

If you have read any reviews on the Bowflex Max Trainer you probably know that it’s a challenging machine. Well it is. But that’s a good thing. Bowflex Max Trainer For Beginners shows new users how to lose weight fast in just 14 minutes! So if your a beginner, there’s no reason to think this machine is somehow not for you. Because if your looking to get in shape, and to burn calories quicker than other machines on the market, look no further.

What makes the Bowflex Max Trainer Unique?

How is the Bowflex Max Trainer actually different than other treadmills or ellipticals on the market? What sets it apart? Actually, there are a variety of things.

  • Full Body Workouts – Both your upper and lower body is challenged by the Max Trainer.
  • Zero Impact – Unlike a standard treadmill workout, your feet will never leave the machine with the Max Trainer.
  • Rapid Calorie Burn – Everyone wants to burn calories quicker, and with the Max trainer you will burn them 2.5 time faster than other machines out there.

Get familiar with the Max Trainer

For the results this machine can provide, it must obviously provide a challenge to the beginner. But they shouldn’t be scared off by this. In fact, nobody says you have to jump right in and complete the full 14-minute Max workout on Day 1. First, the beginner should familiarize themselves with the machine to see how all of the parts work together.

It’s zero impact, high intensity workout allows you to work the upper and lower body simultaneously for maximum impact. Beginners shouldn’t feel the need to step on the machine the first few times without some challenges. The goal is for long-term benefits that you can work up to over time. Do you really want a workout machine that doesn’t challenge you? Of course not.

Bowflex Max Trainer For Beginners: How to master it?

So how do you go from a beginner on the Bowflex Max Trainer, to a person who feels that can master all it has to offer? It can be done and you can do it. Let’s take the 14-minute Max challenge as an example. Here are some tips for beginners to keep you challenged, but to also ease you into taking advantage of all it has to offer.

Just Finish

Sounds easy, but no matter what, make sure you finish. At first, it may feel like you can’t complete the workout, but don’t step off the equipment until the 14-minute workout is complete. Beginners should not feel like they have to do a perfect workout right away, but realize by staying on, that you can do it.

Change Hand Positions

You don’t need to keep your hands and arms at the top of the handles the entire time. You may start to feel fatigued, so lower your arms halfway, or to the bottom. In fact, changing them at each interval of the 14-minute workout can help you to work specific parts of your body. Keeping hands low will work your legs and abs during that specific interval.

Stop and Rest

The 14-minute Max interval workout provides slow down periods where your body can recover from going hard. More experienced users will continue to work the machine during this period but will reduce their intensity. For beginners, it’s okay to stop and rest during this time if needed. Just make sure you stay on the machine and resume the workout when you feel ready.

Challenge Yourself Each Time

The key to a good workout is to challenge yourself each time you step on the machine. That’s why it really doesn’t matter how well you did as a beginner. Maybe you stopped multiple times and kept your hands low at first. But each time you go again, try to improve on your previous workout. Eventually, you’ll be able to complete the full 14-minute Max workout without stopping at all. That’s when you know this machine is doing what it’s supposed to do for you.

How to make Burning Calories more effective?

Burning calories, losing weight and gaining muscle are obvious goals for people who are looking to invest in a workout machine that they can keep at home and that is readily available for them to use. And since time is of the essence, a machine that can do these things quicker and more effectively than others is something to look for.

The Bowflex Max Trainer is a product that meets those criteria. The focus is on a high-intensity, low impact workout that uses interval training to get you where you want to be. In fact, interval training has been identified as a better way to attack your weight loss goals than lower intensity, longer workouts.

What are the details of the 14-Minute Exercise Program?

The way the Bowflex 14-minute Max workout is done is through a series of high-intensity periods of 25 seconds each, followed by an 80-second slow down or cool down period. The goal is to challenge yourself and to work as hard as possible during the 25 second high intensity portion and then let your body recover during the 80 second timeframe.

As you come up to each high intensity period, you can challenge different parts of the body by moving your arm positions to vary the workout. The Max Trainer will be keeping track of your heart rate and calorie burn throughout the entire workout. These intervals of high intensity and cool down will continue until you have completed the entire 14 minutes of the workout. To get started, you just press the orange Max button on the machine and away you go.

The Max Trainer is for beginners, and so much more…

Beginners will also find that the Bowflex Max Trainer offers much more than just the 14-minute interval workout. For instance, the M5 model comes with up to 16 different resistance levels and eight different preset workouts. So there are a lot of built in challenges and goals to shoot for as you become more familiar with the machine.

So if your a beginner, and one of your goals in 2018 is to drop some weight and to get in shape, there’s no reason not to look at the Bowflex Max Trainer as your best option to do so. With it’s low impact, high intensity, and full body workout, it’s only up to you how long it will take to meet your 2018 goals.

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