Best Elliptical Machine Buying Guide

The people who need the best elliptical machine are the self-conscious individuals who take the matter of their as necessary. These people understand the benefits of a regular workout and want to easy way to exercise. As of today buying an elliptical trainer is a convenient way to exercise for good health.

If you value good health and want it the easy way, buying the best elliptical machine is the best choice for you. But buying elliptical trainer requires knowing what to seek when shopping for the machine. It comes in different sizes, makes, technology, and design; this article will guide you to make the right choice of elliptical machine and enjoy your workout in the comfort of your home.

What is an elliptical trainer?

The best elliptical machine is a low-impact, high-intensity workout equipment that you can buy and use in the comfort of your home. It is a safe way for cardio exercises. It helps to cut down on excess body weight and tone the entire body for quality health.

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What problem does it solve?

It is on record that many people who started exercising enthusiastically because of the benefits of a workout soon get discouraged from continuing. The reason is the high impact of those means of exercising on the body like painful joints and muscles. One problem solved by the elliptical machine is that you can exercise without such pains and thus makes your workout fun and encouraging. With that problem out of your way, you can go to exercise every day without the fear of body pain.

If you fall within the range of people that need an elliptical machine or you are a health conscious young person who wants the machine for your exercising, below are important buying guide you need to look out for when doing your shopping.

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Features of the best elliptical machine

1. High-tech

Connected to the cloud through wireless or Bluetooth to your mobile device or laptop for easy training tracking, social network share of your training activities, joining in a competitive environment and access to a library of exercise programs.

2. Varied exercise intensity

The machine offers different training resistance you can choose according to your needs. You can adjust the resistance as you gain more perfection in your training.

3. Ergonomics

The elliptical trainer is designed to comfort your needs. The movement is conditioned to meet your comfort and gives you the benefits of maintaining an upright posture while in use.

4. Comfortable handles

The handles give you the balance needed to ride comfortably. The handles prevent being in an awkward position which has a positive impact in the comfort of your training and better upper body building.

5. The weight

The elliptical machine comes with a heavy flywheel which makes exercising easier due to the smooth motion you get during a workout. The recommended weight is anything above 25LBS.

6. Choose your preferred program

You have the choice of programs with the elliptical trainer which gives you more training opportunities than any competing training machine can offer. It comes with different programs for different categories of users: to burn fat, build lean muscle with high resistance training, whatever your goal is, you have the program tailored to your needs.

How to choose best elliptical

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Choosing the type that is best for you

You will mostly come across two types of elliptical trainers. The first type is one with heart-rate programs, while the second types are those without it.

  • Elliptical with heart rate. The way the heart rate type work is by monitoring the trainer’s heart rate and adjusts the machine resistance automatically according to the target heart rate. If you have the one that has an incline adjusting feature, the heart rate monitor will also adjust the incline to meet the target heart rate. Once you set the target heart rate, the machine will adjust the resistance and incline according to your current heart rate. If the heart rate is below, the device will increase the resistance and incline, and when the heart rate is above the target, it will decrease the resistance and incline to achieve a balance.
  • Elliptical without heart rate program. This type does not come with the automatic adjuster for the intensity of the program according to the target heart rate. Even when the target heart rate is met, the machine does not have the capacity to automatically adjust its intensity to conform to the target heart rate. You need to be knowledgeable about the use of the machine to know what best heart rate setting to use.

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The different designs of the elliptical machine

elliptical machine type

You have to choose between three configurations of Elliptical trainers. Mostly, the designs are in the different positioning of the flywheel regarding the footpads, and these designs can affect your exercise and price among other considerations. These designs are as follows:

Front drive
The flywheel is located in the front area of the elliptical machine while the footpads are at the center and support the wheel to glide on track. You may find this design a little bit noisy as well as vibrate uncomfortably depending on the quality of the rollers.
Center drive
This design has its flywheel positioned at the center of the machine with footpad riding on cylindrical rollers and a crankshaft. You will find this design the most compact of the three configurations due to its rounded construction for optimum space management.
Rear drive
This is a long design with the flywheel is positioned at the back of the machine. It has a smaller housing, and the footpad is located in the middle of the machine between the flywheel and the handle pole. It can have the track and roller setup for the footpads or suspended on long pedal arms between the drive. The suspended footpads often ride smooth and quiet.
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Tension and resistance level

Elliptical has two types of resistance types.

  • Fan Wheel Resistance. Often provides a smooth ride and mostly used on lower-cost elliptical trainers.
  • Magnetic Resistance. This type provides the quietest, very consistent and natural workout feeling.

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The price range of elliptical trainers can be from $100 up to $2000. Of course, you need to expect the features to be different as well as other sales conditions. However, doing your in-depth search for the best elliptical machine will lead you to the right choice and price eventually. If your budget is limited, Stamina In Motion Elliptical Trainer is the best choice. If you’re looking for the best cost-effective, be sure to look at Bowflex Max Trainer M5.

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Elliptical machines do not cost peanut money. It is important to find out the warranty the seller is offering to safeguard your investment. Do you have labor and parts warranty or what is the proposal to consider? Most elliptical trainers come with a lifetime frame warranty.

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There is no arguing whether the elliptical trainer is right for you or not, what is important after you have seen all the features and the type you need is to decide what is best for your space. Also consider one that best fits your body type, height and how often you will use it.  After all, said and done, you want to look for the best deal regarding price and the sales policy.