How Much Does a Bowflex Max Trainer Cost?

You may have heard good things about the Bowflex Max Trainer and are considering getting one for yourself. Winter has arrived and all of those holiday meals are taking a toll on your fitness and your ideal weight. But you still need to know more about the product and in particular which model might be best for you.

To answer the question, “How Much Does a Bowflex Max Trainer Cost”, we’ll cover that in this article, as well as map out the differences between each model. Some people may not need all the bells and whistles as others, but still want to get a great workout and a full body experience. However, other people may prefer to go all in. I mean, how often do you make a purchase like this, so you might as well pay a bit more for the higher end model.

The Bowflex Max Trainer comes in three separate models, the M3, M5, and M7. Each model can assure you of an amazing 14-minute Max workout that provides you the ability to burn around 2.5 times more calories per minute than other elliptical machines on the market. All three of the units provide a machine that is compact in size and sturdy enough to get the job done. But there are some differences. Below, we’ll review each model, starting with the M3, and detail some of the key differences versus the other two models.

Max Trainer M3

The M3 does provide the same features as both the M5 and M7 in several areas. First, you will still get the 14-minute Max Interval training for a full upper and lower body workout. This allows you the full body workout you need and provides 80% more upper body activation, more core and lower body engaged than ellipticals, and is 2X easier on joints.

Also, you will get access to a Free 8 WEEK Daily Burn trial program, the same as you would with the other machines. Other features that match both the M5 and M7 include the same after burn effect, a water bottle holder and a media shelf/tablet holder.

The M3 matches the M5 in a couple of categories. They both allow 2 user profiles and are both the exact same dimensions.

However, there are some things you won’t be getting if you choose the M3. You will only get 8 resistance levels compared to 16 and 20 for the M5 and M7. The heart rate monitor comes only with a chest strap and not an integrated contact grip and a bluetooth option is not available on the M3. Also, an interactive backlit display is not provided on the M3 and the machine only comes with a 1-year warranty.

Price: The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 sells for $999.00


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Max Trainer M5

The Max Trainer M5 is a step up from the M3 in a few key categories. As usual, you will get the 14-minute Max Interval training for the full body workout you need. But with the M5, you’ll get up to 16 different resistance levels compared to just 8 for the M3. The more levels of resistance provided, the more you can challenge yourself as your body gets more in shape. You also get a heart rate monitor that has Integrated Contact Grips as well as the Chest Strap.

Bluetooth capability is provided with the M5 that allows you to sync up with a free app to track calories burned, heart rate and more. The M5 does come with the Interactive Backlit Display and also provides upgraded ergonomic grips and upgraded pedals. Also, the M5 comes with a 2-year warranty, one more than the M3 model.

Price: The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 sells for $1.599.00


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Max Trainer M7

The top of the line in Bowflex Max Trainer machines is the Max Trainer M7. Although there are not many differences between the M7 and the M5, there are a few key things worth noting. First, you will get all of the same benefits as both of the other models and a workout that is sure to get your whole body in shape and burning calories much quicker than other models on the market.

The M7 will get you the highest number of resistance levels, up to 20 in total, which is more than the 8 and the 16 levels for the other two models. So if you want as many challenges as you can get, the M7 is the one for you.

The M7 also allows the highest number of different user profiles. You get up to four separate profiles with the M7, so if the whole family is benefitting from your Max Trainer, you may want to consider this machine. Also, grips and pedals provide some additional improvement, and the M7 is also a few inches bigger than the M3 and M5.

Last but not least, purchasing the M7 gives you a 3-year warranty, the highest offered for any of the three Bowflex Max Trainers.

Price: The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 sells for $2,199.00


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How Much Does a Bowflex Max Trainer Cost? – Our Verdict

As you can see, all three of the Max Trainers will be able to do the job for you. It’s just a matter of the number of features you need as well as your budget. And when comparing them to other treadmills or ellipticals out there, it’s safe to say there’s no need to look elsewhere.

Not only are you getting the low-impact workout that most want out of an elliptical machine, but when you combine that with treadmill like speeds, your getting the best of both. The Max Trainer can create a workout that is challenging to say the least, but also reduces the time it takes to burn calories compared to other machines. So if you find yourself with a limited amount of workout time, look for a machine that could do what you need in less time and will give you a full body workout.