6 Things Your Should Know About the Bowflex Max Trainer

The increasing incidence of obesity-related illnesses has, in recent years, raised the general population’s awareness of the many potential benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. The fitness equipment market has taken notice of this trend. Responding accordingly, fitness experts now offer a plethora of products catering to the many demographics. If you are in the market for an easy to use and convenient fitness machine that can help you lose weight, increase your fitness levels and improve your overall health, you will not lack for options.

But choosing the right piece of equipment, one that best suits your particular needs, can be an overwhelming task in such a crowded market. This cornucopia of choice is a problem and the reason why I find it prudent to call your attention towards one of the most exciting new products to emerge in recent years, Bowflex Max Trainer. Here are six things you should know about it:

Bowflex Quality

With a history dating back over thirty years, Bowflex has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception. At a time when most fitness equipment companies were focused on designing and developing expensive and complicated gym machines, Bowflex doubled down on the idea that gym-quality results were achievable from within the comfort and convenience of your home. This idea resonated deeply with customers around the world and made Bowflex into one of the leading brands of the fitness market. When you buy a Bowflex product, you have the guarantee that it has been designed and built to the highest quality standards by experts in the industry.

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Maximum Performance And Maximum Results

The Bowflex Max Trainer is a treadmill and elliptical alternative that aims to revolutionize home workouts. The Max Trainer has been designed from the ground up to facilitate zero impact exercise and maximize calorie burn. Bowflex Max Trainer functions by combining the motions of a stepper and an elliptical and allows for fully customizable workouts thanks to its multiple resistance settings. Max Trainer will also tone and strengthen your arms with variable-grip handles which allows for a total body workout. As with all Bowflex products, the Max Trainer is indeed a state of the art machine. It includes a ledge for your laptops or tablets, both wireless and contacts heart rate monitors, built-in workout routines, Bluetooth connectivity, and various user profiles.

Some of the preset workout routines include steady state, stairs, calorie goal, fat burn, and max interval. These routines have all been designed by fitness experts to enhance and maximize results.

Maximum Comfort And Maximum Benefits

Max Trainer is without a doubt a fantastic product if you are looking to get healthy. Zero impact trainers all claim to go easy on your joints, but Bowflex truly delivers on this promise. The stable foot boards in combination with the trainer’s slightly elliptic range of motion provide virtually no impact on your knees and ankles. Max Trainer also allows for the inclusion of High-Intensity Interval Training; the benefits of which have been researched and verified by countless studies. HIIT routines provide a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so you will able to markedly improve your strength, speed, and power, as well as your endurance. Studies have shown that this type of mixed exercise promotes the secretion of a type of protein-peptide called myokines. Myokines provide a range of health benefits including accelerated tissue growth and regeneration, as well as a host of anti-inflammatory properties.

Max Trainer will also help you burn calories and fat more efficiently thus facilitating weight loss. Significantly improve your cardiovascular health, lower your blood lipid levels, and considerably reduce the risk of suffering Type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, and other obesity-related illnesses.

Great For Pros And Beginners Alike

You may be a hardened gym veteran, or maybe this is your first foray into the world of fitness. Whichever your case is, Bowflex’s Max Trainer has something to offer.  Its high degree of flexibility and customizability allows for a wide range of intensity levels. This also means that you will not outgrow the equipment as it will be able to challenge you at any point during your journey. Also, because of its focus on providing a zero impact workout, the Max Trainer has reduced the risk of injury to non-existent levels. You will be able to work out with confidence and determination.

If you are a beginner, Max Trainer’s unique Burn Rate display will facilitate your workouts and motivate you by keeping track of and skillfully displaying calories burned, and any fitness targets met. You will be able to set, monitor, and meticulously track your progress.

With your purchase of Max Trainer, you will also receive a fully developed eight-week workout program as well as free access to Daily Burn’s streaming library of workout videos.

Lead A Busy Life? Bowflex Max Trainer Is For You

Most of us lead incredibly busy and chaotic lives. A fact of modern living is that work commitments and familial obligations often get in the way of working out and taking care of our bodies. Most of us reach the end of a busy workday clearly exhausted. The last thing we want to think about is spending two hours in a gym lifting weights or doing cardio.

Bowflex has spent the last three decades perfecting the philosophy of convenient fitness. Their products have been engineered with your busy schedule in mind. The Max Trainer was designed to allow you to pack the intensity of a full cardio and resistance workout in just 14 minutes. Burn twice the amount of calories in a fraction of the time.
This product has something to offer to everyone but, if you lack the time, then Max Trainer is for you.

Can’t I Just Get A Treadmill?

One of Max Trainer’s most remarkable features is that it blows the more traditional treadmills and elliptical walkers out of the water. An independent study run out of a reputable university demonstrated that Max Trainer users burned calories much more efficiently than those that worked out on treadmills and step-climbers. More specifically, Bowflex’s machine helped users burn two and a half times more calories in the same amount of time.

The bottom line is that no other type of fitness equipment is as practical and efficient as Bowflex Max Trainer. This machine is indeed a marvel of modern fitness equipment engineering and is backed by decades of expertise. If you are serious about being healthy and fit, then you will be hard-pressed to find a better option.