Sole E95 Elliptical Review

Every year, we learn more about just how important it is to stay in good shape. Of course, this includes a good amount of exercise with a healthy diet. However, sometimes we don’t have the time to visit the gym so what is the solution? In short, home equipment. Since they work numerous muscles and areas of the body, elliptical trainers have received much attention in recent times and today we are going to be reviewing the Sole E95 Elliptical so you can see whether or not it meets your needs!

Sole E95 Elliptical Short Review

sole e95 elliptical review

To start, we should point out that this particular model has been awarded a ‘Best Buy’ distinction which immediately shows what sort of product we have here. After this, you will benefit from an adjustable stride, 30-pound drive, power incline, and even Bluetooth capabilities. With this in mind, let’s head a little deeper to find the most important benefits of this model.

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Workout Programs

Often, we buy some gym equipment then we really don’t know where to even start. Normally, it gets left alone and the dust starts to build despite the great intentions we had at the very beginning. With the Sole E95 Elliptical, this won’t be a problem because you can go through ten different workout programs already pre-set into the machine. Using a 10.1-inch screen, you can follow different programs and really maximize your workout; it’s like having a personal trainer by your side!

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sole e95 elliptical features

Next, we like the sheer amount of personalization included with the product and the many extras from which we can benefit. For example, the stride and power can both be adjusted depending on your needs and you can create custom workout programs in addition to the ten we have already seen. Even after this, you have the option to sync with fitness apps through Bluetooth and connect your MP3 player. With these options, it makes exercise fun again rather than getting bored and losing all motivation.

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With elliptical trainers in general, they can be amazing products because you have an opportunity to target various different parts of your body. Depending on the grip, incline, and other factors, you can target your chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs, etc.

sole e95 elliptical pedals

Trying to compare the Sole E35 vs E95 elliptical trainers? Look at this:

Tip: If you want to pay particular attention to the upper body for one day, the handlebars have been designed for more than one gripping position so this won’t be a problem.
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Potential Drawbacks

On the whole, you can probably tell how impressed we are with this Sole model. This being said, it is tough for manufacturers to provide something with absolutely no faults. If you’re currently considering this model, we do have a couple of warnings and it starts with the stride length. Set at 20-22 inches, it has been designed for medium to tall people. If you are shorter than average, you might want to look at the Sole E95s which has a stride selection of 18-24 inches.

Other than this, it takes up quite a bit of space and you can’t download new workouts but these can be counteracted somewhat. For example, the ability to create custom workouts negates the second issue even if you copy them over from resources online.

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Flywheel27 lbs
Resistance Levels20
Stride Length20 inches
Incline0 – 20 degrees
Programs10 Workout Programs
Display10.1″ LCD
Weight Capacity400 lbs
Dimensions82″ L x 31″ W x 67″ H
WarrantyFrame: Lifetime   Parts:5 Years   Electronics:5 Years


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Sole E95 Elliptical: Review Summary

All things considered, this elliptical trainer is affordable, well-designed, offers a high-performance, and a good amount of personalization. Therefore, we would be happy to recommend this product to all if you have space. If you often find yourself short of time and would prefer to exercise at home, this machine is perfect since it activates so many muscles in the body!  

Sole E95 Elliptical
Best Ellipticals Under $2,500
9.4 Total Score

Sole E95 Elliptical is affordable, well-designed, offers a high-performance, and a good amount of personalization.

Customer Service
  • An adjustable 20" to 22" stride
  • 30-pound flywheel
  • Supports targeted muscle toning with 20 levels of incline
  • 10.1” console screen
  • Includes heart rate strap
  • Bluetooth syncing with fitness apps including iHealth
  • Tablet computer holder
  • Compatible with MP3, has speakers
  • Not compact design
  • Stride is long for trainees with short strides
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