Sole E35 vs E95 – Which One is Really Better?

Sole Fitness is one of the most popular brands of elliptical trainers. So this helps making your choice somewhat easier when you are looking for a quality machine for your cardio workout as all you need to do is decide between its various models and choose the one that best suits your needs.

E35 and E95 are the two most popular models from Sole Fitness. In this article, we will do an extensive comparison of what these two amazing machines have to offer, what they have in common, and what features make one a better choice than the other. The purpose of this article is to help you learn about those aspects so that you can make an educated decision about which model to go for. Sole E35 vs. E95: Which one is better? Let’s find out!

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Common Features

There are a few standard features that you can expect to get with both of these models:

  • Both machines feature an efficient heartrate monitor that you can either use with a heartrate monitoring chest strap or via the stationary handle bars.
  • Both models have a built in speakers, fan, headphone jack, water bottle/accessory holder, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Both E35 and E95 make use of dual-rail system for the wheels as both are front-drive machines.
  • Both trainers share the same set of 20 different resistance and incline levels, which of course are adjusted automatically.
  • Both models come with two user definable programs and six pre-set programs.

Direct Comparison

Following are some important aspects that will be compared in order to determine which model is really better:

1. Assembly

No matter which elliptical trainer you buy, you will have the choice to either do a self-assembly or get it assembled by professionals for a price. Sole E35 is relatively easier to assemble, especially if you are going to opt for the self-assembly option. E95 on the other hand, is relatively complex and presents quite a challenge when it comes to self-assembly. This is because this machine has relatively heavier flywheel which adds to its overall weight.

2. Maximum Load Capacity

E35 can handle up to a maximum of 375 lbs. load. E95 on the other hand, has higher maximum load capacity. It can handle up to 400 lbs. safely.

3. Resistance Levels/Flywheel Size

The heavier the flywheel, the better the resistance. So in that sense, E95 will offer better resistance because of its 27 lb. flywheel. E35 on the other hand, has a 25 lb. flywheel, which also offers good resistance but if you are a fitness fanatic and seek a bigger challenge, then the E95 is a better choice for you.

4. Display and Controls

E35 features a 7.5” white backlit LCD display while E95 has a bigger 10.1” TFT display. The controls on both these models are pretty much the same.

5. Size and Weight

Both elliptical trainers are rather heavy, large machines. The dimensions of both E35 and E95 are the same at 67” x 82” x 31”. However, in terms of weight the E95 is significantly heavier (236 lb.) than the E35 (213 lb.).

6. Price

Based on online pricing, E35 costs around $1,399 while E95 costs around $1,799. So E95 costs about $400 more than the E35. Prices may vary depending on where you buy the product from.

7. Warranty

Warranties are the same on both these products; 5 years on electronics and parts; 3 years on labor; and lifetime on frame.

sole e35 elliptical - intro

Sole E35 vs. E95 Compared Side by Side

Features Sole E35 Sole E95
Flywheel 25 lbs 27 lbs
Resistance Levels 16 20
Incline 0 – 20 degrees 0 – 20 degrees
Stride Length 20 inches 20 inches
Programs 10 Workout Programs 10 Workout Programs
Weight Capacity 375 lbs 400 lbs
Dimensions 82″ L x 31″ W x 67″ H 82″ L x 31″ W x 67″ H
Folding/Compact No No
Display 7.5″ LCD 10.1″ LCD
Warranty Frame:Lifetime Parts:5 Years Electronics:5 Years Frame:Lifetime Parts:5 Years Electronics:5 Years



In conclusion, when you consider all the aspects mentioned in this article, it is obvious that the E35 offers the best value for money. However, if you don’t mind spending a little extra, the E95 will give you an increased stability, a heavier flywheel, and a somewhat better console. In the end no matter which model you go for, it is guaranteed that you will have a great workout experience.


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